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  • What are the industrial uses of EVA materials?
    Since its inception, Eva material has been a compound in great demand in the industry, and it is involved in a variety of industries. Some industries sell EVA as finished products, and some industries use EVA's chemical properties as a compound. You can't imagine the span and diversity involved in E
  • What's the EVA material insole
    Eva material is a widely used material, and this artificial material is widely used both in industry and in life. Among them, EVA insoles are one of the most common Eva products. So what are the characteristics of a material, and what about when it is used to make insoles? EVA is an ethylene-vinyl a
  • What is EVA foam floor mat
    EVA floor mats are composed of plastic materials consisting of ethylene (E) and vinyl acetate (VA). Its transparency, softness, and toughness are pretty high. The transparency and flexibility of the pad will also increase accordingly. EVA is a non-toxic and odorless material that will not affect hum
  • Is the eva material toxic?
    Many people do not know whether the eva material is toxic. Today, the manufacturer of ljlsyeva eva products will tell you whether the eva material contains toxic substances. The main materials of eva are eva and pigment (color masterbatch). Through the foam molding of plastic particles, the eva resi
  • What is EVA material?
    What material is eva? Eva material is actually a very common plastic material, a type of midsole material that is common in our daily life. The scientific name of eva is ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer. We can often see eva material products in our daily lives. , Such as eva slippers, cotton shoes,





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