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What is EVA material?

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What is eva material? Eva material is actually a very common plastic material, a type of midsole material that is common in our daily life. The scientific name of eva is ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer. We can often see eva material products in our daily lives. , Such as eva slippers, cotton shoes, eva protective cover, eva tool bag, eva luggage and so on.

The main materials of EVA products are EVA and pigments. These EVA products are manufactured through the foaming of EVA plastic particles. The EVA resin is non-toxic, and some EVA can even reach food grade.

The main use of eva material:

1. Foam shoe material is the main application field of eva resin. Because eva resin blended foam products are soft, elastic, and resistant to chemical corrosion, they are widely used in the soles and interior materials of high-end travel shoes, hiking shoes, slippers, and are often used in cosplay props. Production or model production, etc.

2. Film eva. The main purpose of the film is to produce functional films. The film made by adding a certain amount of eva resin not only has higher light transmittance, but also has greatly improved anti-fog performance, generally more than four month.

3. For wire and cable, because eva resin has good filler tolerance and crosslinkability, it is used more in halogen-free flame retardant cables, semiconductor shielded cables and two-step silane cross-linked cables.

4. Hot melt adhesive, the hot melt adhesive with eva resin as the main component, does not contain solvents, does not pollute the environment, and has high safety. It is very suitable for automated assembly line production, so it is widely used in book binding and furniture. Edge banding, assembly of automobiles and household appliances, production of shoes, carpet coating and metal anti-corrosion coating, etc.

Features of eva material:

1. Has super low temperature resistance

2. It can be biodegraded naturally

3. Does not contain heavy metals

4. Resistant to water, salt and other substances, strong stability

5. High heat stickiness

6. Can print etc.

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what is eva material





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