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  • Why we choose Eva sole for family

    Generally, when we choose home slippers, we will pay special attention to their material and exclusive design, especially bathroom slippers. The material is related to the experience of the foot, and it is entirely up to it to feel comfortable to wear. The exclusive design directly affects the anti-

  • Solar cell packaging material——EVA

    Since the 1990s, EVA has been the most critical packaging material for solar cells. The full name of EVA is ethylene and vinyl acetate copolymer. In its preparation process, EVA resins with different VA contents can be obtained by adjusting the ratio of the two monomers, and different molecular weig

  • Several kinds of slippers material

    As a light daily necessity, slippers have gradually moved out of the positioning of indoor shoes, and some people wear slippers on many outdoor occasions. This is the innovation of traditional concepts and the promotion of the slippers industry. Today I will introduce to you several slippers of diff

  • What are the industrial uses of EVA materials?

    Since its inception, Eva material has been a compound in great demand in the industry, and it is involved in a variety of industries. Some industries sell EVA as finished products, and some industries use EVA's chemical properties as a compound. You can't imagine the span and diversity involved in E

  • What's the EVA material insole

    Eva material is a widely used material, and this artificial material is widely used both in industry and in life. Among them, EVA insoles are one of the most common Eva products. So what are the characteristics of a material, and what about when it is used to make insoles? EVA is an ethylene-vinyl a

  • What is an EVA foam and its uses?

    Characteristics determine the use, so what are the characteristics of EVA foam?EVA foam features:EVA foam is an acronym for closed-cell ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer foam. EVA foam is characterized by good softness, rubber-like elasticity, good flexibility below 0 °C, and transparency. It has goo

  • Performance and application of EVA materials

    EVA foam is a new type of environmentally friendly material, a product of foam, and also known as EVA sponge. Ljl eva product manufacturers will introduce to you the properties and uses of eva materials today.EVA foam can also be produced in the required colors according to customer requirements, di

  • How to choose the material of the insole? (1)

    How to choose the material of the insole? (1)Technology is the vane of the 21st century. No matter what industry it is, it has been affected by the development of science and technology. The choice of shoes is not just the crude and crude handmade products before. People now choose different footwea

  • What is EVA foam floor mat

    EVA floor mats are composed of plastic materials consisting of ethylene (E) and vinyl acetate (VA). Its transparency, softness, and toughness are pretty high. The transparency and flexibility of the pad will also increase accordingly. EVA is a non-toxic and odorless material that will not affect hum

  • Learn more about EVA materials

    Learn more about EVA materialsMany customers will encounter difficulties in the selection of EVA materials. It is a very normal phenomenon. It is difficult for people who do not understand EVA materials to distinguish between them. As a professional China EVA foam manufacturer, LJL will introduce EV

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