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What's the EVA material insole

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Eva material is a widely used material, and this artificial material is widely used both in industry and in life. Among them, EVA insoles are one of the most common Eva products. So what are the characteristics of a material, and what about when it is used to make insoles?

EVA is an ethylene-vinyl acetate (vinyl acetate) copolymer, which is obtained by the copolymerization of ethylene (E) and vinyl acetate (VA), referred to as EVA or E/VAC. Available vinyl acetate (VA) content is 5% to 40%. Compared with polyethylene, EVA has reduced crystallinity and improved flexibility, impact resistance, filler compatibility, and heat-sealing performance due to the introduction of vinyl acetate monomer into the molecular chain. Generally speaking, the performance of EVA resin mainly depends on the content of vinyl acetate on the molecular chain. Because you can adjust the proportion of constituent components to meet different application needs, the higher the content of VA content, the relative improvement of its transparency, softness, and toughness. When used in insole products, the content of VA content is generally higher, which is to provide better comfort and service life.

Eva material

The usual EVA insole is formed by cold pressing, and the main production steps are as follows.

1: Cut the EVA material that fits the fabric into a size suitable for the size of the insole mold

2: Bake the cut EVA material in an oven at about 150-190°C until the EVA material becomes soft and cured.

3: Put the softened EVA material into the machine's mold for molding. The forming mold is usually hollow, and the temperature of the mold is controlled between 15 and 20 °C with refrigerated water.

4: The EVA material is cold-shrink and pressurized in the mold, causing the shape of the EVA material to change to form the shape of the insole.

5: Trimming or cutting the pressed EVA insole. Make insoles.

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