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Is the eva material toxic?

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Many people do not know whether the eva material is toxic. Today, the ljlsyeva eva products manufacturer will tell you whether the eva material contains toxic substances. The main materials of eva are eva and pigment (color masterbatch). Through the foam molding of plastic particles, the eva resin is non-toxic, even food grade and edible.

The quality is also very good. Eva itself is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, but many companies are not formal. When using recycled materials to produce eva products, the ingredients have changed, causing it to be toxic.

The vinyl acetate content of EVA is usually 40%. Compared with polyethylene, due to the introduction of vinyl acetate monomer in the molecular chain, EVA reduces high crystallinity, improves toughness, impact resistance, filler compatibility and Heat sealing performance, so it is widely used in many fields.

EVA can be made into general daily necessities, films, laminates of sheets, daily groceries, auto parts and foam products.

In the process of foaming products with EVA, it is necessary to use the substances contained in the foaming agent and the substances in the foaming agent to make star formamide. Formamide is a low-toxic compound that can pass through the respiratory tract, digestive tract and skin And mucosa is absorbed into the body, and the metabolic rate is relatively low, it is irritating, and has certain reproductive toxicity.

Belgium and the European Union have relevant laws prohibiting the sale of floor mats containing formamide. Although China does not have relevant standards, we must also pay attention to the use of foam products made of EVA materials, usually including eva foam slippers, eva construction materials, and eva industry Parts, eva soles, eva hot melt glue and other products.

Ljlsyeva is a professional eva material manufacturer with many years of industry experience. It is an enterprise integrating product development, vulcanization products, fine processing and domestic and foreign sales of EVA and its rubber and plastic products. If you have any questions ,contact us whenever necessary.

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