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eva material

These are related to the eva material news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in eva material and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand eva material market.
  • EVA material introduction and application

    EVA material is an ordinary material for machines. It is a relatively common low-to-medium material in daily life. The finished product made of it has good flexibility, shock resistance, non-slip, and strong resistance to pressure. For example, our common EVA slippers, cotton Shoes, EVA mobile phone

  • What is the requirement for EVA insert to be formed once?

    EVA lining is a kind of lining material used in product packaging, usually made of EVA material. The scope of application of EVA lining is very wide, which can prevent the packaged product from being damaged during transportation. EVA lining is a product that is very easy to process, and it has good

  • The multipurpose of EVA Foam mats

    The EVA foam is a soft and durable polymer of the compounds ethylene and vinyl acetate, which you might have commonly seen to be used in flooring. More of it, the material is also used in sports equipment, crafts, and slippers. The EVA floor mats are a good example of their use.

  • How to shape EVA material?

    Generally, EVA with vinyl acetate content of less than 5%, its main products are films, wires and cables, LDPE modifiers, adhesives, etc., EVA products with vinyl acetate content of 5% to 10% are elastic films, etc. EVA with a vinyl acetate content of 20% to 28% is mainly used in hot melt adhesives

  • Is the eva material toxic?

    Many people do not know whether the eva material is toxic. Today, the manufacturer of ljlsyeva eva products will tell you whether the eva material contains toxic substances. The main materials of eva are eva and pigment (color masterbatch). Through the foam molding of plastic particles, the eva resi

  • What is EVA material?

    What material is eva? Eva material is actually a very common plastic material, a type of midsole material that is common in our daily life. The scientific name of eva is ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer. We can often see eva material products in our daily lives. , Such as eva slippers, cotton shoes,





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