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How to choose the material of the insole? (2)

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Why is Eva material suitable for making insoles? Because EVA is in the shoe industry, people generally use chemical in-mold foaming. Put the EVA pellets into the foaming mold and apply high temperature and high pressure to foam. By foaming EVA, the sole can be made lighter. The EVA resin with certain elasticity allows the sole to have a proper cushioning function. The EVA foam shoe material can adapt to the needs of most casual shoes and jogging shoes. The resilience of EVA after foaming can generally be increased to 50-55% or even higher. It combines comfort and durability with a good balance.

Manufacturers use EVA material in the production of various footwear. Whether it is high-end brand-name shoes or ordinary casual shoes, slippers, they all have EVA materials. Although new materials such as ETPU have emerged with the development of science and technology, these new materials have better performance than EVA materials on certain occasions. However, due to immature technology and other cost reasons, ETPU cannot widely use such new materials, nor can they replace the status of EVA materials. In the current situation, EVA Sponge custom service is still the best choice for footwear manufacturers.





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