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What is an EVA foam and its uses?

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Characteristics determine the use, so what are the characteristics of EVA foam?

EVA foam features:

EVA foam is an acronym for closed-cell ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer foam. EVA foam is characterized by good softness, rubber-like elasticity, good flexibility below 0 °C, and transparency. It has good properties, and the surface gloss remains solid and rigid at low temperatures. It maintains its resistance to ultraviolet radiation and stress cracking, has good chemical stability, has hot melt adhesive waterproof performance, and is non-toxic.

Good blending with suitable coloring fillers and molding processability. It is a suitable replacement for natural rubber, vinyl, neoprene, polyurethane, PVC foams, wood composites, felt, fiberglass, and mineral wool. It has a great relationship with vinyl acetate content, molecular weight, and melt index. When the melt index (MI) is constant, and the vinyl acetate (VA) content increases, its elasticity, softness, compatibility, and transparency also increase.


EVA foam application:

EVA foam is very versatile. Its main products are films, wires, cables, LDPE modifiers, sheets, foam products, injection molding products, coating products, hot melt adhesives, etc. Applications are appliances, automotive, construction, marine, electronics, healthcare, packaging, leisure and entertainment, and footwear.

1. Films, sheets, and laminates: with sealing, adhesiveness, softness, toughness, and shrinkage, suitable for elastic packaging films, heat-shrinkable films, agricultural films, food packaging films, laminated films, and can be used for To be the middle layer of polyolefin laminate film;

2. General supplies: It has the advantages of flexibility, environmental stress crack resistance, and good weather resistance. It is suitable for industrial materials such as power wire insulation sheathing, household appliance accessories, window sealing materials, etc.;

3. Daily groceries include sports goods, toys, cushions, straps, sealed container covers, EVA rubber footballs, etc.;

4. Auto parts include shock absorbers, fenders, interior, and exterior decoration accessories, etc.

5. Foamed products: pressure foaming includes foam slippers, sandals, building materials, etc.; injection foaming includes various industrial parts, women's soles, etc.

6. EVA is a competitive alternative to rubber and vinyl products in many electrical applications.

7. EVA imparts "tightness" to the plastic wrap.

8. EVA emulsions are developed as adhesives for packaging, bookbinding, bonding plastic films, metal surfaces, and coated paper.

9. EVA is used with wax and resin additives to make hot melt adhesives, hot glue sticks, and top-notch football boots.

10. EVA craft foam board is used to make kids' foam stickers.

11. EVA is also used in biomedical drug delivery applications to release compounds in the body slowly. The polymer is dissolved in an organic solvent, mixed into a homogeneous mixture, and molded into a freeze-dried solid. Although it does not biodegrade in the body, it is inert and does not cause adverse reactions.

12. EVA is expanded or foamed rubber used for sports equipment filling. Snow and water ski boots, bicycle saddles, hockey mats, boxing gloves, helmets, and fishing rods and reels are made with EVA foam.

13. EVA is used in sport's shoes to absorb shock. It's a popular material for slippers and sandals because it conforms to the foot, is lightweight, doesn't smell bad, and has a glossy finish. Compared to natural rubber, EVA is a more cost-effective material.

14. Since EVA is a buoyant material, it is used in fishing and water sports gear and non-traditional items like floating glasses. It is used as a cork replacement for the butt end of fishing rod handles.

Other uses include but are not limited to:

• Encapsulation material for crystalline silicon solar cells (for photovoltaic modules),

• Cold flow improver for diesel,

• HEPA filter separator,

• Thermoplastic (sports) mouthguards (soften in boiling water for customization), and

• Nicotine transdermal patch.





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