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Learn more about EVA materials

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Many customers will encounter difficulties in the selection of EVA materials. It is a very normal phenomenon. It is difficult for people who do not understand EVA materials to distinguish between them. As a professional China EVA foam manufacturer, LJL will introduce EVA materials to you in detail.

First, let's learn about EVA materials. The full name of EVA is ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer. EVA products are mainly made of EVA plastic particles and color masterbatch. EVA raw material is non-toxic and harmless and can reach the food safety level in terms of safety. The key is whether the manufacturing process meets the specifications.

The content of vinyl acetate can judge the appropriate field of EVA products. EVA products with vinyl acetate content of 5% ~ 10% are usually elastic films; 20% ~ 30% of the products are usually hot melt adhesive and surface coating products.

EVA has many characteristics. It is an environmentally friendly material and can be biodegradable. It has good stability and is not easy to be corroded. It has super low-temperature resistance and is also suitable for hot stickers and printing. Meet the environmental protection standards and industry needs of most countries.As a professional EVA foam roll suppliers, LJL can naturally provide the highest quality EVA products. China EVA foam manufacturer accounts for almost half of the global market, and LJL is one of them.





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