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How to choose the material of the insole? (1)

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Technology is the vane of the 21st century. No matter what industry it is, it has been affected by the development of science and technology. The choice of shoes is not just the crude and crude handmade products before. People now choose different footwear according to different occasions and needs. And the manufacturers have also made various improvements to different footwear according to the needs of users. Today we will talk about the topic of insoles.

We generally believe that insoles should be durable and comfortable. However, in the actual manufacturing of insoles, these two characteristics usually go against each other. Footwear manufacturers will balance wear resistance and comfort and fine-tune it according to the type of shoes and actual user requirements. The most significant difference between cheap shoes and high-quality shoes is often the insole.

People used PVC material in insoles in the past, but this material will produce toxic substances after long-term use. Moreover, PVC is not wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant, and we will generate dust and harmful substances after the friction of the PVC sole. This material has gradually been eliminated from the insole industry, and EVA material has ideally replaced PVC.

When various disadvantages of PVC appear, people urgently need a non-toxic and harmless material and can meet the needs of shoe soles. The EVA high density foam that has been processed many times meets the needs of most factories, and the material processing method is simple. It does not require complicated procedures and processes for processing. Both large-scale footwear companies and small and medium-sized footwear processing factories can independently produce EVA craft foam. To some extent, it cuts costs for manufacturers.





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