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Why we choose Eva sole for family

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Generally, when we choose home slippers, we will pay special attention to their material and exclusive design, especially bathroom slippers. The material is related to the experience of the foot, and it is entirely up to it to feel comfortable to wear. The exclusive design directly affects the anti-skid ability. This detail does not seem to matter, but if there are elderly and children at home, a pair of bathroom slippers with excellent anti-skid ability is necessary!

A pair of qualified bathroom slippers must also have the ability to dry quickly. Standing water not only affects comfort but also slips easily. After soaking for a long time, it is easy to produce strange smells on the feet. The bathroom slippers on the market are uneven, and the quick-drying ability is generally average.


EVA environmental protection material, one-piece molding ensures every inch of soft texture.

Eva sole is made of Eva material.

The rubber sole is made of natural or synthetic rubber.

Advantages of Eva soles: excellent shockproof and cushioning performance, good resilience and toughness, good flexibility below 0 °C, and good chemical stability; Eva soles are safe and environmentally friendly, comfortable, and wear-resistant.

Advantages of rubber soles: Among all material soles, rubber soles are the first in softness and have an anti-slip function, good wear resistance, elasticity, good flexibility, stable shrinkage, and good hardness.

Disadvantages of Eva soles: poor durability and short service life.

Disadvantages of rubber soles: the weight is relatively heavy, and it cannot be decomposed by nature, which is easy to pollute the environment.

The price of pure natural rubber soles is higher than that of Eva soles, and the price of synthetic rubber soles is lower.





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