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Why are toolbox linings mostly EVA insert?

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Eva Foam Tool Inserts

Why are toolbox inserts mostly EVA insert?

Most of the inserts in the toolboxes we see daily are mainly EVA inserts, because it is mainly used for filling and has strong impact resistance and strong protection. The thickness of the protective pad is 17cm, and the thickness (finished product) after hot pressing is 14-16mm.

The inner lining of the toolbox is also called Eva Foam Tool Inserts , which is used to protect the tools in the toolbox. Its material is mainly EVA. Its purpose is to prevent the tool from scratching and rusting, and can play the role of corrosion resistance, aging resistance, impact resistance, moisture resistance, beauty, and lightness. The EVA lining material of the toolbox can be divided into: low density EVA, high density EVA, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The normal density range of black, white and color is 25P to 50P.

In the production process of EVA manufacturers, the thickness of EVA lining ranges from 10mm to 80mm. The positive and negative tolerance is 0.5mm. The size can be determined by the size of the box.

Production process: hot stamping or engraving, the lining can also be laminated or flocked to make the handle more beautiful. It is widely used in beauty salons, jewelry, watches, instruments, electronics, communications, automation, sensors, smart cards, industrial control, precision machinery and other industries. It is an ideal lining for instruments.

According to the understanding of EVA manufacturers, the EVA lining surface is soft; the stretch and toughness are strong, and the hand feels sticky (but there is no glue on the surface); the composition of the EVA lining is white and transparent, high transparency, and feels and feels very similar to PVC film. The EVA lining is used on the underside of the interlayer to make the soft bag easy to support or protect the contents of the shell.

What is the requirement of EVA insert forming once?

EVA insert is a kind of lining material used in product packaging, usually made of EVA material. The application range of EVA lining is very wide, which can prevent the packaged products from being damaged during transportation and handling. EVA lining is a product that is very easy to process, and it has good fire-proof and shock-proof effects.

EVA is easy to process and shape, usually one-time molding. There are many requirements for one-time molding of EVA lining.

1. In the process of production and processing, the size of the product should be different from the size of the product, and the EVA lining should be produced and processed according to the size and shape of the product.

2. When processing EVA materials, the one-time forming material should be a single piece and cannot be spliced together.

3. In the process of processing and production, the thickness and depth must be ensured to protect the product, and the workmanship should be accurate.

4. For the inner support with requirements, some notches can be made, but the size of the notches should be strictly in accordance with the requirements.

EVA insert is a product with good cushioning properties, which is often used in alcohol, cosmetics, hardware tools and other products to make the product look more high-grade.





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