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Top 4 eva foam supplier China

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friendly eva foam sheet

Over the years, the application of eva foam has become more and more extensive, including eva foam insert, eva foam sheet, eva foam roll, etc. As the eva market increases, in order to cater to the diversity of eva products, more and more eva foam Suppliers have emerged, and this article aims to explore the diverse applications of eva foam products.

It may be troublesome to find a high-quality eva foam supplier. For example, in China, there are thousands of manufacturers providing eva products, and many customers do not know how to choose. High quality eva foam products supplier.


eva foam products

Source: https://www.ljlsyeva.com/

Location: China

Year Founded: 2008

Company Type: Manufacturer

Key Products: eva foam products

Since its establishment in 2008, Ljleva has been focusing on product quality, strictly controlling the quality of eva products, and attaching importance to the experience of cooperating customers, which makes it enjoy the reputation of being an excellent eva foam manufacturer in the industry. Over the years, Ljl has maintained an innovative spirit in manufacturing eva products, insisted on innovative products, and gave users a different experience, thus gaining a large number of loyal customers.

The company has carried out diversified product development and innovation. Whether it is shape, color, or label, it can be customized according to customer requirements. The company's product innovation capabilities, inventory supply capabilities and strict quality control have won the recognition of many customers. In order to meet the needs of many customers, the company has a complete logo customization capability to ensure that it can meet the needs of many customers.

Ljleva produces various types of eva products, including but not limited to

EVA Foam insert packing

EVA Foam Roll

EVA Foam Sheet

EVA Hot-Pressed products

Injected eva foam product

eva swim floating board

Water absorbent sponge

Sponge Beauty egg

In order to cater to international markets such as eva products in Europe and the United States, the company ships to customers in China and abroad.


eva foam supplier

Source: https://cofoam.com/

Location: China

Year Founded: 2010

Company Type: Manufacturer

Key Products: eva foam

Kaisheng is a professional eva foam supplier, providing a series of eva products, including eva foam, adhesive foam gasket, pvc or NBR foam and other products.

The company's eva foam has a fine and uniform cell structure, can be processed like other thermoplastics, maintains flexibility and elasticity, and can quickly recover from compression.

And the company has a quality assurance department to test the quality of its products, each product must pass a quality inspection process, as a responsible eva foam supplier, to ensure that any product will not have the slightest defect. Their high-standard eva products can easily meet any customer's eva foam needs.


eva foam sheet

Source: http://www.evafoam.com/

Location: China

Year Founded: 2009

Company Type: Manufacturer

Key Products: eva foam sheet

HEAPLAKE provides beautiful and environmentally friendly eva foam sheet. As a professional eva foam products manufacturer, their products comply with SGS, EN 71 and ROHS standards, with environmental protection as the focus of product design, and conform to quality inspections in Western countries. Products are exported to Germany and Denmark. , Japan, the United States and Central and South America.

In order to ensure the high quality of the products, the raw materials are manufactured by themselves, and have passed Adidas's raw material Shenghe, and the ISO 9001:2000 standard is strictly implemented in the entire production process of the product.

HEAPLAKE has three factories with a plant area of more than 30,000 square meters, equipped with ten eva foam production lines, and more than 200 skilled gardens to create excellent products and effectively reduce production costs.


eva foam supplier

Source: https://www.foamtechchina.com/

Location: China

Year Founded: 2012

Company Type: Manufacturer

Key Products: eva foam

As aleading eva foam manufacturer, FOAMTECH has been committed to cooperating with global customers and making progress together. Through the use of advanced foam manufacturing machinery, we have reliable capabilities to support various customer projects.

FOAMTECH has a young and energetic team, the clock can quickly respond to customer needs, and provide effective solutions for them, deep into the eva foam industry, their team can provide customers with the most useful professional knowledge.

With its advanced production facilities, it can keep its promises in terms of delivery time, product quality, and potential challenges every time. And with its efficient production capacity and location close to China's transportation hub, fast delivery can meet the urgent needs of customers. 





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