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Several kinds of slippers material

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As a light daily necessity, slippers have gradually moved out of the positioning of indoor shoes, and some people wear slippers on many outdoor occasions. This is the innovation of traditional concepts and the promotion of the slippers industry. Today I will introduce to you several slippers of different materials.

EVA: Sports shoes and casual shoes on the market use the most significant amount of materials so that the shoes are elastic, not easy to break, can be bent arbitrarily with the change of the foot, and can perfectly cover the feet. Using EVA in the production process, Plastics can be naturally volatilized in a ventilated place after passing through a high-temperature environment; please feel at ease.


·Advantages: light, good elasticity, good flexibility, not easy to wrinkle

· Disadvantages: not easy to corrode, not suitable for environmental protection, easy to get dirty

RB (natural rubber): It is used to outsole various sports shoes, mainly from Central and South America or Southeast Asia. Most of the rubber today is used to make tires or rubber tubes. The comfort and wear resistance are not made of EVA flip-flops. You can compare it. Because the density is higher than that of general EVA, it is not easy to be deformed when wearing, and the feet can be adequately protected and not easily injured.

·Advantages: Good wear resistance and slip resistance, not easy to break and waterproof, good softness and elasticity

· Disadvantages: When heated, it will harden and crack, and the foaming property will have pits

PVC: injection molding, soft texture, comfortable to wear. It is a substantial type on the market at present, which produces a particularly soft Q sole, which is suitable for the comfort and softness of human feet.

·Advantages: Lightweight, good elasticity, good flexibility, good breathability, 100% recyclable

· Disadvantages: easy to get dirty, poor slip resistance





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