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Introduction of Eva footpad materials

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Eva footpad materials

Introduction of Eva footpad materials

Usually eva mats are produced and packaged. After getting the eva mat products, especially during use, there will always be a pungent smell, which is unacceptable. Here, I will teach you a way to remove the odor of eva mats: After taking the product back first, put it in a ventilated place, let it naturally quiet for a period of time, and then use a special deodorant. Through a specific chemical action, it can effectively remove all kinds of eva foot pads that appear during processing and use. Smell, and can improve the environmental protection level of eva products.


The research and development of eva foot pads can study different cross-linking degrees of EVA, its own mechanical properties, and the difference in bonding strength with glass/TPT from a mechanical point of view. In this experiment, three kinds of EVA produced by different manufacturers were selected, and two laying methods of high temperature cloth/EVA/EVA/high temperature cloth and glass/EVA/EVA/back sheet were used to laminate the test samples.

According to the basic principle of cross-linking and curing, the laminated samples are laminated and cured by changing the sample lamination parameters (because the lamination time has a certain influence on the adhesion of EVA and glass/TPT, in order to avoid this factor from affecting the test The result causes interference. Keep the lamination time unchanged in the setting of lamination parameters, and only adjust the lamination temperature to change the cross-linking degree of the sample), prepare test samples with different cross-linking degrees; use the xylene extraction method to determine the test The degree of cross-linking of the sample, and then the tensile test and peel strength test of the sample.


The degree of cross-linking refers to the degree of solidification of EVA small molecules through the cross-linking reaction to form a three-dimensional network structure. Generally, the gel content of EVA is measured to reflect the cross-linking and curing of EVA.


The solvent extraction method is used to determine the degree of cross-linking of EVA foot pad materials. The test principle is to extract the EVA sample in a boiling xylene solution. All the uncross-linked EVA is dissolved in the xylene solution, while the cross-linked EVA foot The macromolecules of the mat material cannot be dissolved, and the degree of cross-linking is determined by the ratio of the residual sample amount to the total amount of the sample.





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