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How is EVA hardness divided and measured?

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The hardness of EVA is divided into: foam tube and EVA material

EVA foam tube is also called NBR foam tube, its hardness is divided into A+ dense A dense B+B dense and C dense. Generally, B density is used more, EVA materials have 38-70 degrees, which is relatively common before, and there are less than 38 degrees.

Generally use C-type hardness tester to measure, choose a relatively flat area, the thickness is above 6MM, and the measurement force is 1KG. A weight of 1KG can be used on the top of the hardness tester.


Content and performance: The performance of EVA has a great relationship with the content of vinyl acetate (va). When the content of VA increases, its resilience, flexibility, adhesion, transparency, solubility, and stress crack resistance And impact will increase. When the content of VA decreases, the rigidity, wear resistance and electrical insulation of EVA will increase. Generally speaking, when the VA content is in the range of 10%-20%, it is a plastic material, and when the VA content exceeds 30%, it is an elastic material.

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