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EVA Foam insert needs to be formed at one time

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EVA Foam insert is a kind of lining material used in product packaging, usually made of eva material. The scope of application of eva lining is very wide, which can effectively prevent the packaged product from being damaged during transportation.

The eva lining is a product that is very easy to process, and it has good fire-proof and shock-proof effects. Eva is easy to process and shape, usually one-time molding, and there are many requirements for one-time molding of eva lining.

1. In the process of production and processing, the size of the product should be the same as the size of the product, and the eva lining should be produced and processed according to the size and shape of the product.

2. In the process of processing and production, the material formed at one time should be a single piece and cannot be spliced together.

3. In the process of processing and production, the thickness and depth must be ensured to protect the product, and the workmanship should be accurate.

4. For linings with requirements, some notches can be made, but the size of the notches should be strictly in accordance with the requirements.

Eva lining is a product with good cushioning performance, which is often used in products such as wine, cosmetics, hardware tools, etc., to make the product look more high-grade.

EVA Foam insert





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