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What is the difference between EVA foam and PE foam?

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EVA foam and PE foam are both foams, but different foams have different characteristics, so what are the differences between these two kinds of foams?

EVA foam is a new type of environmentally friendly plastic packaging material. EVA rubber and plastic products have been designed and processed to have better shock resistance than traditional packaging materials using polystyrene as raw material (foam). Compared with traditional shockproof packaging, EVA foam Cotton can be cut and shaped; because of its large difference in density, it can be used more widely, and it is more environmentally friendly. It has the advantages of good moisture resistance, heat insulation, buffering, chemical corrosion resistance and shock resistance, and it does not absorb water. Non-toxic properties.

PE foam is made of polymer foam material as the base material, double-sided coated with high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesive (acrylic adhesive or rubber-based adhesive), compounded with single silicon or double silicon release material. PE foam is cut into various thicknesses, densities, shapes and colors from rolls or die-cutting, so there are many choices. And PE foam tape has excellent weather resistance, chemical resistance, and cushioning. , Sound absorption and superior adhesion, so it is suitable for electronic appliances, home accessories, automotive interiors, medical protection, precision machinery and other industrial applications.





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