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Application fields of environmentally friendly EVA foam materials

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Application fields of environmentally friendly EVA foam materials

People's awareness of environmental protection is constantly increasing. To improve environmental awareness, we must start from daily life and proceed from the details. The application of environmentally friendly EVA foam materials in our daily life is becoming more and more extensive, so what fields are environmentally friendly EVA foam materials used in?

1. EVA foot bed, EVA activity insole (half pad, full pad); the products are widely used in beach shoes, sports shoes and leather shoes.

2. EVA hot and cold pressed soles; products used in baby shoes, children's shoes and women's shoes.

3. Disposable EVA slippers for hotels and hotels; various EVA injection slippers.

4. Fireproof and flame retardant EVA materials, etc.

5. EVA sheet, coil, EVA bag sheet, EVA thick board (Da Niujiao).

6. EVA cold and hot pressing case cover, CD case, glasses case cover, etc.; used for EVA trolley case, cloth case, briefcase, laptop bag, glasses case, etc.

7. EVA insulation material, EVA material for shockproof and packaging.

8. EVA base, EVA waterproof platform, EVA heel, EVA shoe fork.

  In addition, environmentally friendly EVA foam materials are not only commonly used in shoe materials, bags, and packaging products, but are also widely used in medical, food packaging, children's toys and other fields. For example, a new type of medical and health care product, Ai Ai Tie, uses our environmentally friendly EVA foam, as well as our environmentally friendly EVA foam, which is well-known to female friends. The more common one is EVA floor mats, which have the characteristics of soft texture, high toughness, and heat preservation. The products have passed the international quality standard system certification and the environmental protection certification of environmental protection organizations. It is an environmentally friendly, economical and safe alternative to existing children’s floor mats. The best choice.

With the development of society and economy, the demand for environmentally friendly EVA foam will increase, and the application fields will become more and more extensive.





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